For decades, companies have based business decisions on transactional data stored in relational databases. But beyond that critical data, every enterprise also has a treasure trove of  "Big Data": non-traditional, less structured data, including weblogs, social media, email, sensor data, and photographs.

When Big Data is mined and integrated with traditional data, companies can achieve a deeper understanding of their operations, resulting in enhanced productivity, stronger competitive positioning, and greater innovation.

This timely webinar will explore the potential bottom line impact of Big Data. It will also examine current business constraints against Big Data, and will provide useful approaches to overcoming these challenges.

Our agenda will cover the following key topics:

  • What is Big Data: An Introduction
  • Apache Hadoop vs. Traditional technologies
  • Opportunities for profit in Big Data
  • Industry Case Studies
  • Solutions to Big Data related challenges


  • Vadim Iasenik, EMEA CEO, Luxoft
  • Eugeny Klugman, Big Data expert, Luxoft