Krakowska 280 (Z1), Zabierzów

Java Recruitment Challenge is an opportunity to test your Java skills, and benchmark them against other developers. We will test your skills and knowledge, and as a result you will receive your personalized competence report. For the best of you Luxoft will have job opportunities.

Thanks all who met with as October 14-15th, 2014.

Java Recruitment Challenge is ended now. Due to the large interest, you still have a chance to register!

Please proceed with the registration, and our team will invite you for an individual meeting.

All you have to do:

  1. Register
  2. Book your time (you will need one hour)
  3. Meet our specialists, answer their questions and get up to 70 points
  4. Solve one coding task and get up to 30 points

  • T-shirts - for all participants
  • Tickets to the cinema for all participants who score more than 70 points
  • iPad for the best of the best!

It’s your chance! You can register when you want.