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at the Financial Cloud Summit 

March 2, 2023 | King’s Place, London N1 9AG

The safest way to approach cloud migration and core banking modernization is to partner with one of the finance industry’s foremost technology experts - Luxoft specialists in Hogan and Temenos solutions.


Hogan, end-to-end managed services


Luxoft helps clients implement end-to-end Hogan managed services and Hogan-powered hybrid cloud strategies, resolving complex bank-centric problems and augmenting their existing workforce. Hogan platforms process trillions of dollars for millions of banking customers every day.

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Temenos, the #1 core banking software


Together, Luxoft and Temenos deliver modern, resilient and future-proof core banking solutions. 79% of our specialists have over 5 years of Temenos experience. Over 3,000 global banks (41 of the top 50) and 1.2 billion customers rely on Temenos’ cloud-native banking technology.

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How we help our clients

Platform modernization

Unlock the benefits of modern, best-in-class banking software.

New operating models

Take advantage of modular, subscription-based operating models to increase flexibility and improve time-to-market.

Exceptional CX

Increase personalization and ensure omnichannel customers are treated fairly, whichever channel they choose.

Greater efficiency

Address regulatory compliance and avoid relying on legacy technologies.


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