Most developers prefer to spend their time writing code rather than performing build script maintenance. Build scripting may be an essential part of the software development process, but it often lacks maintainability, which makes applying and deploying changes a tedious job. So it's important to make sure your build system encourages simplicity and that changes can be made in a fast and straightforward way. Industry standards Ant and Maven are not quite up to the task, so Gradle is considered a better alternative.
This webinar introduces Gradle (a modern build system that supports all JVM Languages) and shares the result of the Ant-to-Gradle migration that was performed at NS (Dutch Railways). The session will focus on the challenges we faced while trying to replace Ant scripting with its Gradle equivalent, and how we handled them. After watching this session, you will have a good understanding of Gradle, its possibilities, and its pros and cons compared to Ant and Maven. On top of that, you will be able to migrate your own project to Gradle, even if it has a huge code base or relies on ancient technologies. We’re confident that the lessons we learned at NS could be very helpful to your own situation.
Speaker: Hanno Embregts

Short Bio:
Hanno is a Java Developer, Scrum Master and Trainer at Info Support (Veenendaal, Netherlands). He has over 8 years of experience developing enterprise software in various fields (insurance companies, banks, hospitals, industry) and currently works for the Dutch Railway Company (NS). He loves building innovative software and has a passion for clean, elegant solutions. On top of that, he likes continuous delivery, behavior-driven development, and all things agile.