Inside the Murex Space 2016

On Wednesday 17th August, Nick Thomas, the Head of Excelian’s Murex Practice, will be hosting a Murex themed webinar as part of the Luxoft Technology Series (LTS). 

Nick will be discussing a variety of topics including current project, client and vendor trends, initiatives and opportunities within the Murex market. The webinar will also include an overview of Excelian 2016, a Murex project case study, details of the different career paths Excelian offers to its Murex consultant and an overview of upcoming projects and opportunities within our global Murex practice.

Webinar Agenda:

  1. Who are Excelian Luxoft Financial Services 2016?
  2. Current Project and Client Trends in the Murex space
  3. Overview of Murex Initiatives
  4. A Murex Project Case Study
  5. Shaping Career Paths for our Murex Consultants
  6. Opportunities and how to access them
Nick Thomas


Nick is the Head of Excelian's Murex Practice and has over 17 years of experience in Financial Services Technology. He has previously held senior management roles at UniCredit, Commerzbank, JP Morgan and for Murex themselves. He is widely regarded a leading Murex expert having worked with the platform for the last 15 years. At Excelian, he is largely focused on developing Murex services, overseeing a large portfolio of implementation, upgrade and enhancement projects as well as being the principle relationship manager for Murex in EMEA.