Phocuswright Conference

November 19–21, 2019

Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood, FL, USA


Design Your 5G Strategy with Luxoft at Phocuswright

Phocuswright is an international travel conference where industry executives and thought leaders come together to showcase the latest innovation in the travel industry. Join Luxoft at our breakout session to learn how we can help you prepare for the transformational impact 5G will have on travel and hospitality.


With the new era of 5G connectivity upon us, having a documented strategy for how to operate in a world where 5G experiences affect your customers’ expectations and your competitors’ offerings is key. It’s time to incorporate 5G into your budget, product roadmap, technology investments, customer engagement models, data management policy and marketing strategy.

Can Your 5G Plan Answer These Questions?

  • Can your system handle the increased amount of B2B and B2C information requests?
  • Does your security strategy account for changing regulations and an ultra-connected technology landscape?
  • Data management requirements will increase rapidly. Are your systems ready to escalate efficiently to extract real value from data?
  • A truly heterogenous omnichannel strategy must be planned for. How is 5G a part of your plan?
  • In what ways is your business flexible, and in what ways is it not flexible? Knowing this is critical for survival and growth in a 5G enabled world.
  • 5G is 12–24 months away, start now! How will you engage with business leaders and 5G experts to proactively identify the risks and opportunities 5G creates for you?
  • How will your systems and processes consider “things” as clients or stakeholders, since 5G connects them so intimately to your living, breathing customers?
  • What cultural shifts will the boundaryless workplace cause in your organization? Is your IT strategy designed to shift appropriately?



Develop your 5G strategy with Luxoft's digital engineering expertise.


Our Talk

Ken Urquhart, PhD, Director of Travel and Hospitality, Luxoft


Luxoft Breakout Session
Get ready for 5G to transform travel and hospitality!


5G is set to transform travel and tourism. Virtual reality, robots, AI and IoT-enabled venues will provide the ultimate in luxury experiences to all guests. This breakout session is designed to help you implement business planning that is necessary for a successful 5G strategy.


November 20, 11:20 – 11:55 am


Key Takeaways


How you can configure 5G systems to better manage sensitive customer information in the face of new privacy and regulatory laws that vary by country/region.


How 5G could completely upend your carefully crafted, multi-year business strategy, and what you can do to manage that risk effectively.


How 5G can help you deliver experiential travel solutions for your customers today.


Exactly when 5G is set to roll out and how you can benefit from being a part of it.




Phocuswright Subscribers – On October 24, 2019 Ken will be sharing similar 5G strategy on a webinar hosted by Phocuswright. Access to the webinar is for Phocuswright subscribers only. Contact us or Phocuswright for more information.

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