Berlin, Germany
Bcc Berlin Conference Center GmbH

The Qt company is an established business partner of Pelagicore, which was acquired by Luxoft in September 2016. In light of the acquisition, Luxoft joined the Qt developers community, and is attending the Qt Contributer Days and the Qt World Summit for the first time.

Our talk at the Automotive Track:
“Under the hood of the Qt Automotive Suite after one year of hacking”

The Qt Automotive Suite was released in 2016, and we are making progress with its development. This talk will discuss the technical details of the Qt Application Manager’s latest features, the new plugin for Qt Creator, additions to Qt IVI, and changes in Neptune UI. We will discuss how our new features address issues we have observed in ongoing projects, and how they will help us improve further in our future projects.

We will also discuss projects we are not planning to undertake, explaining why.

Speaker’s profile:

Johan Thelin is a Qt Champion, and has worked with the Qt company for more than 10 years. He is the author of the Foundations of Qt Development, and the Qt in Education training materials. He has also contributed to numerous articles appearing on-line, and has also featured in printed publications. He currently works at Luxoft, building the next generation of in-vehicle experiences based on open-source software.

Our live demonstrator:

We will demonstrate the Qt Automotive Suite featuring the improved UI and multiple enhancements in non-UI components in our booth. We will also show the application development workflow powered by the new plugin for Qt Creator using Qt Application Manager running on a remote target. Furthermore, there will be a new navigation app which we have developed with one of our partners. Engineers from our development teams will be on our booth demonstrate the Qt Automotive Suite, and will also be on hand to talk about other projects we work on.