Transporting Your Living Room to the Car

TU Automotive Detroit
Stand C176
June 4-6, 2019


Enable passengers to access their preferred entertainment options in one place

The future in-car customer experiences need to be fully customizable, able to integrate intelligent services and content with any consumer’s personal digital lifestyle and be a holistic part of a multi-model mobile-as-a-service experience. We need a shared vision and an open platform for collaboration that allows passengers to access their preferred entertainment options in one place - transporting your living room to the car.

Integrated Customer Experience Driven by Autonomy, Al and 5G Connectivity


Delivering on the Mobility Revolution Promise


Harnessing the technologies and UX know-how you need to make smarter and safer vehicles so that holistic, stunning user experiences can be developed for the cars of tomorrow.


Providing the agility and scale to co-develop safe mobility solutions for everyone by leveraging in-depth expertise in software platforms, perception algorithms, and safety-critical embedded software development.


As vehicles become more connected than ever before, telematics and IoT integration are taking connectivity to the next level – allowing devices to communicate with each other to deliver a seamless experience.


Enhancing the customer experience through effective technologies by connecting integrated circuits to tangible benefits, such as faster graphics, smarter AI and better energy efficiency.

Technology Innovations

An agnostic reference integration platform that accelerates the deployment of converged automotive systems, including advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), telematics units and in-vehicle infotainment systems.

An open and ideal platform for Smart, Connected and Shared Mobility, with highly scalable architecture and 5G connectivity enabling integrated consumers’ personalized digital lifestyles into the driving experience.

By integrating Alexa into vehicles, automakers can make the driving experience more intuitive without compromising drivers’ safety, while providing a personalized customer experience that connects customers with their automotive brand.

A fully integrated digital cockpit reference platform with Qt Automotive Suite that allows you to create your own customized infotainment systems and vehicle dashboards.

Automotive navigation functionality with advanced features and map rendering, with integrated navigation technology providing a more complete and consistent user experience.

Highlights and Insights