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We bring a pragmatic and hands-on approach to digital solutions, leveraging an Agile mindset to define how to design solutions and select technologies. We always look to understand if there is a solution already available on the market to solve our client’s problem, be it an open source framework, a vendor solution or even a vendor platform that could solve the problem end-to-end.

We leverage our knowledge of the market to make sure we take our clients in the right direction.

Building the Business Case

In a technology landscape where there is increased scrutiny on cost and focus on business value, selecting whether to build a solution or acquire an existing technology is a key architectural decision.

At Excelian, we approach this with a business case view of the problem, looking to quantify the overall cost of building the solution vs. acquiring, integrating and customizing a platform. This will lead in general to a decision matrix that requires a trade-off between time to market, flexibility, cost and appetite for risk.

It is also key to understand the technology culture of our clients and take into account the full lifecycle of the solution, from design to implementation to support over many years.

Advancing with Agile

We believe that agile development is the best way to de-risk the delivery of a project.

Applying Agile by the book would assume relying on emerging design where architecture is a continuous process.

We believe that a targeted, upfront definition of the architecture is key to the success of any project in order to identify core principles to ensure scalability, security or performance of the solution.

Beyond the core technology choices, we believe that the approach to delivering a platform is equally important and needs to be taken into account in the design: an architecture needs to be testable, easy to deploy to production and compatible with DevOps approaches.

Powered by Knowledge

Excelian has built a wealth of experience in building digital solutions for a wide range of clients within financial services.

Where we differ, however, is that our decisions are informed by adoption trends across all industries – not just financial services. We look for best practices and success stories from global digital leaders like Google and Amazon, and adapt their philosophies in ways that best suit our clients.

We bring expertise in a combination of technology areas, like HTML5, mobile and front-end technologies, big data and NoSQL, grid computing and cloud.

As well as an in-depth knowledge of DevOps approaches, our expertise in the package integration space allows us to identify best of breed architectures for our clients and deliver the right mix of packages, middleware, bespoke solutions and hosting platforms.

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