Avoid high-failure costs and address complex business problems head on

Our software engineering process collects and translates business requirements into bespoke technology solutions that become reality with custom software development. We provide a full spectrum of development services, including core business applications and back-office IT solutions which help give our clients the competitive advantage.

We are natives in financial services and application development, delivering with expertise, scale and quality.

Market-Leading Expertise

At Excelian, we combine our passion for technology with a singular focus on financial services. We base our reputation on unique expertise allied to a deep understanding of the needs and challenges facing large financial institutions.

We commit to best of breed development, actively participating in worldwide quality standards like ISO 9001 and 27001, plus development methodologies (Agile, XP, Scrum, CMMI Level5).

We also aim to improve the quality of all client engagements by simplifying collaboration through LuxProject, an innovative project management platform that allows shared access to objects, wiki content, issue management and version control for faster and more accurate project interaction.

Flexibility for Your Needs

At Excelian, the first pillar to success is understanding what every engagement is trying to achieve, setting out a clear roadmap and then delivering against it.

Key to project success is our scalability and flexibility. We scale according to project requirements to ensure that the agreed deliverables are achieved in good time.

Because we take a responsive and considered approach to our team set-up, we have well-governed models in place to ensure that engagements are seamless and that there is no room for knowledge latency.

Success-Based Fee Model

We are experts in application development and have been trusted by our global client base right from the start, partly due to our well-rehearsed and developed models. We are so confident in our approach that we are happy to use an outcome-based pricing model rather than a staffing-based approach.

By adopting this method, we are more transparent with clients and can offer more predictable pricing models. We own the delivery risk and thus are incentivized to succeed.

Through this set-up, clients have been able to meet or even exceed targets by achieving direct cost savings of as much as 35%.

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