Trust the experts to deliver the IT capacity you need

At Excelian, we have a 15-year-long track record in providing our financial services clients with access to the unique skill sets offered by our strategically located global talent pool.

Our flexible and scalable model helps to reduce operational costs or long-term TCO, while allowing you to direct your key resources to more strategic initiatives. With our proven governance frameworks and methodologies, we offer you transparency and risk reduction while ensuring quality and efficiency.

Expert Teams that Share Your Motivation

Our engagement models underpin highly successful business partnerships. Proven governance, established methodologies and clear metrics give our clients the reassurance of transparency, discipline and reduced risk.

Excelian’s mature ‘software development factory’ model of high-quality, balanced, incentivized teams. Conscious of the cost of failure and business impact, we continually seek efficiencies.

We make sure that our clients remain in control. We focus on managing resources and processes – from analysis and planning to development and testing – and stay flexible when responding to capacity demands. This enables our clients to reallocate resources to mission-critical projects and to share responsibility for key project milestones.

Strong Management at a Sensible Price

With our expert delivery framework and management, we ensure quality and cost-effective delivery.

Our managed capacity services help you reduce long-term TCO through strong delivery governance aligned with business needs. Delivery risks are shared or owned by Excelian.

Through a partnership with Excelian, you can leverage our IT expertise, capabilities, technology, shared services and capital. We enable you to continuously improve service efficiency through service level management, KPI measurements and access to best industry processes and practices.

You can also shape your core team of specialists with relevant domain knowledge using powerful internal mobility and global relocation programs.

Guaranteed to Deliver Better Results

Our sole focus is delivering value to our clients. We are experts in the domains, technologies, and disciplines necessary for success. We bring experience in implementing and executing successful performance efforts, plus, a resource pool with breadth and depth to cover the full gamut of technologies and tools.

We also offer financial guarantees to deliver better results. This includes SLA commitments for code and deliverables quality, along with management oversight of all engagements.

Finally, our managed capacity service is incentivized to invest in people, process and tools regardless of the lifecycle and nature of the project, which translates to improved delivery results for all.

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