A Regular Spruce for Your ETRM Platforms

Excelian has become synonymous with the successful delivery of upgrade and functional extension projects for both third-party trading and risk management systems, BPM systems and bespoke build systems.

Over the years our consultants have undertaken a range of platform upgrades, data cleansing, performance optimization and vendor management processes for many of our clients, helping ensure their systems continue to run seamlessly.

Because of the business-critical role these solutions play and the need to ensure they remain optimized, we offer a platform evergreening program. We commit to ensuring that our client's system is running at the latest version release, or one just below. The process involves a programme of upgrades, managed testing, data cleansing, performance optimisation and vendor management to keep systems running seamlessly.

Clients who leverage the evergreening program will benefit from reduced risk and limited requirements for large upgrades.

Seamless and Professional Delivery

Excelian’s well-established delivery model ensures that upgrade and renewal programs are always executed seamlessly and professionally.

We understand the customizable nature of platforms and the huge range of potential configurations. We also understand the business needs of every client differs. That is why we take a unique approach to every implementation that we undertake, using our integrated project delivery processes to demonstrate our understanding of how all parts come together.

Those processes make up our ‘project toolbox’, a bank of well-documented and frequently updated project principals which help smooth the upgrade procedure and ensure clients remain on the edge of the technology curve.

Three’s Company

Establishingand maintaining healthy vendor relationships is hugely important to ensure success, especially when it comes to upgrades and evergreening. It’sfor this reason that all our projects are run as a three-party engagement: with Excelian, the platform provider and you, the client, working together, with clear lines of accountability and responsibility and a solid governance structure to ensure it all comes together.

Our work is closely linked to the Murex, Calypso and Openlink and Pega methodologies and, with every implementation we conduct, we contribute more to these methodologies in a bid to enhance the process.

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