With business booming and online traffic increasing, Hotwire made the strategic decision to complete reorganize its IT resources to align them directly with their business verticals: Hotel, Car, and Flights. As part of that initiative, Hotwire also wanted to transform from the traditional Waterfall method of software development to Agile for increased speed-tomarket.


Hotwire first started working with Luxoft in 2006 on a Test Automation project. After years of steady collaboration, proving their expertise, commitment, financial stability and record of success, Luxoft’s offshore team of talented software engineers collaborate to achieve even more of Hotwire’s project delivery objectives. This impressive pedigree, along with the fact that Luxoft is the leading provider of Agile software development services in Eastern Europe, made Luxoft the logical partner for Hotwire’s Car Team.


By leveraging Luxoft’s experience in the Agile methodology, Hotwire successfully made the transition to a lean development model that met and exceeded their business objectives:
- Expand Hotwire’s delivery capabilities to meet business need
- Increased car rental revenues by 15% by improving conversion rates
- Strengthen product and industry knowledge among the car team members
- Reduce development costs
- Increase the project speed-to-market by 300% while reducing business risk

Full case study (55 kB)