SITA, a world-leading IT and telecommunication services company for the air transport industry with business in over 200 countries, needed to upgrade their popular mobile application in order to adapt to their customers and differentiate themselves from competitors. Luxoft extended SITA’s travel industry knowledge and technological capabilities; we created the iTravel API solution with specific API to meet the demand of SITA’s customers, letting them access RESTful SITA Reservation Web Services.
• Created the iTravel API solution with a new specific REST API to meet the demand of SITA’s customers for access to SRWS
• Lets passengers manage every aspect of their journey from their personal smart device
• iTravel API solution incorporates integrated travel service options, such as shopping, booking, check-in, airline information, customer journey record, baggage tracing, and flight information
• Migrated all of SITA’s services and existing customers from their legacy web application into the iTravel API solution
• Code of the app was published on developer.aero, a resource controlled by SITA to promote their own solutions for use across multiple client airlines
• Incorporated an Agile methodology and a Scrum framework into the development process
• Deployed for six airlines, encompassing a cumulative fleet size of more than 300 aircrafts
• Provides secure and streamlined access to booking, ticketing, loyalty program, check-in, flight, airline, and baggage tracing information, making it a one-stop shop for passengers
• Increases passenger satisfaction by quickly adapting services to the modern traveler due to a re-engineered code base and high coding standards – ultimately boosting sales
• Allows developers to quickly create and add on additional mobile services without worrying about interfering with an airline’s policies and processes, improving agility
• Smoothly integrated without any business slowdown
• Collects data, allowing airlines to make data-driven and customer-oriented decisions
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