A leading pharmaceutical manufacturer was using a medicine-dissolving machine that relied fully on human eyes to test medicines. Using humans to analyze hours of video data takes time, which slowed down the progress of other work. In addition, relying on human observation increased the chances of human error. The client needed a way to accurately determine how their medicine dissolves in a water-like medium with the minimal use of manual labor.
• Captured data on how the dissolution machine dissolves different types of medicine samples
• Created an AI solution that optimizes cameras (in terms of video resolution, frames per second and bit rate) and detects specific events via computer vision
• Created a user-friendly dashboard to alert user of anything out of the norm
• Decreases manual labor, allowing workers to accomplish more tasks while cutting labor costs
• Speeds up the dissolution testing process and medicine time to market, keeping pace with others in the competitive healthcare industry
• Produces objective data via AI, avoiding human error
• Is a scalable solution, as adding new cameras to accommodate future changes is easy and quick in comparison to training a human
• Allows client to extract additional data to expand their library of medicines and solution processes, as well as make future medicine tests automated
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