A leading outdoors and recreation retail company wanted to utilize web-based data to understand online customer behavior, improve business operations and adapt marketing and support services quickly to meet changing demand.
• Developed an automated data management system through Azure to manage the large volume of web-based data and provide analysis.
• In the system, created "traffic analysis" to collect data based on customer's navigation through the site and "e-commerce-based analysis" to collect data based on customer's behavior and how effective the site is in selling products/services.
• Designed a single visual dashboard for visualizing data analysis for convenience and speed.
• Migrated the newly-created system to a cloud-based platform.
• Customer data is automatically processed faster to save time.
• Client receives immediate insight into how their customers interact with their website, so can take immediate action by adjusting their marketing strategy to increase customer satisfaction and make them want to return
• Client can view data from the cloud over time to see trends, and can adjust offerings to appeal to the overall purchasing habits of customers to increase sales.
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