Most critical components of the Flight Planning and Briefing system were re-developed in order to eliminate limitations of the legacy software product.


The new system incorporated the wealth of the client’s experience in aircraft operations and Luxoft skills at the cutting edge of the software technology. Thus the new system has become the revolutionary web-based weather briefing and flight operations product, the one of the primary ‘Software as a Service’ solutions in the industry.


The set of advanced components were successfully developed in 20 months and were seamlessly integrated into the system. The new flight planning and briefing solution enriched with Luxoft’s components achieved the following benefits for the client:
- Significantly improved usability and look-and-feel of the application;
- Improved reliability and maintainability of the entire system;
- Increased number of the client’s customers attracted by advanced features and interface convenience;
- Secured 24x7 availability.

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