Many are facing an oncoming legislative challenge. In 2025, London and other major cities around the world will only be allowed to buy zero-emission buses. In addition, all of London’s bus fleets must be upgraded to the Euro VI standard by 2020, with all ultra-low emission zone vehicles either electric or hybrid. Furthermore, legislation requires detailed data reports to prove these conditions.
By monitoring vehicle speed, engine health and fuel cell-level diagnostics, VP Vision delivers real-time driver/fleet dispatch alerts when routine maintenance is needed. Built around a foundational Lambda architecture, the solution leverages Amazon Web Services’ (AWS’s) IoT components, and is capable of ingesting hundreds of thousands of data points at 1hz frequency over cellular connectivity. With an increasing number of in-service vehicles, Luxoft anticipated the need to get ahead of operational costs from data transfers and storage, so they drove early stage decisions around data compression and optimization.
Luxoft provided Vantage Power with the technology expertise, domain experience and scale to build the solution. Now, Vantage Power provides bus operators with a custom fleet management platform and next-generation suite with predictive capabilities. Luxoft also designed and built a back-end cloud to ingest, process and store real-time telemetry data from the vehicles, and present it to the end user. Through AWS and Luxoft’s partnership, this solution has been fully operational for over 12 months.
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