Luxoft has helped develop a pioneering multi-channel publishing platform for a leading global media distribution company, transforming the way that media content is published and consumed all over the world. The platform enables fast and easy publishing of newspapers and magazines. Millions of readers can access that content using computers, and – if they deploy a mobile reader application that is part of the new solution – they can also download content to their smartphones, tablets, and e-readers. The technology is available to publishers as a fully outsourced and customizable cross-platform content publishing solution.
The media company started to develop the platform internally. The project was complex however, and it looked for a new partner to deliver the functionality required and support the platform’s future development. Because of its reputation as a world class outsourcing services provider, Luxoft was selected as the strategic partner, working closely with the company’s technical staff to address the project’s business and technical challenges.
The fast and easy self-publishing solution means the media company now distributes a wide range of content to millions of readers, using any major digital device.

New markets and revenue streams have been opened up in hotels, restaurants and libraries – with each client paying a monthly fee for its guests or users to access the media company’s entire content for free. The solution enables content to be rich and varied.

Depending on publisher agreements, users can access complete picture galleries, as well as videos and spoken speech.
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