Luxoft delivered and seamlessly integrated new features for Hotwire’s online booking system, expertly combining nearshore and offshore development and ensuring smooth collaboration throughout the entire project. Starting from business requirements analysis and user needs elicitation, Luxoft successfully designed and documented new features of the presentation layer for the Hotwire site. The scope included the creation of Hotwire‘s automated newsletters, integration with the client’s web statistics and analysis tool, and QA and Test Automation.


Hotwire is a world-leading travel agency that offers discount rates on airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, and more. In order to meet the expectations of travel price-hunters, the Hotwire site features the following components:
- A functional web interface to search, book, and advertise trips based on a particular trip requirement
- Back-end systems to manage deals and other business-related data
- An interface for suppliers to fill in their offers

Rapid growth and market expansion strained the company’s in-house IT resources, while the need for technology upgrades and new architecture solutions continued increasing. Outsourcing the professional services and allowing the core staff to stay focused on critical projects was the obvious solution.


The main challenge for the Luxoft team was to interact seamlessly with Hotwire’s ongoing local software engineering process and fit all projects into the existing architecture. From the get-go, all teams made sure to run the same processes and standards. It was crucial to work closely with both business and engineering teams in a format that they were comfortable with, in order to meet everyone’s expectations. Initial onsite trainings for the key technical specialists from Luxoft provided immersion into Hotwire’s engineering culture, facilitated knowledge transfer, and helped establish an effective work process.

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