A shipment quote system was developed for a leading logistics company. It provides flexible quote calculation for cargos of any size to mulitple locations around the globe, and several delivery options.


The client, a leading global logistics company, was going to install the newest SAP solution. The application used for shipment quote calculation was a part of a legacy application suite which they were planning to retire soon. The client decided to create a completely new application for quote calculation, significantly enhance its functions and integrate it with SAP. Sales managers across Europe would use the new system to communicate with customers and, based on the customers’ needs, provide them price information, delivery options and necessary details.


The Luxoft-developed system would span ten countries in Europe, replacing three different solutions previously used to calculate quotes, and combining the best features of each into one all-encompassing solution. As a result, sales managers would have a powerful tool at their disposal – one combining best practices from years of sales experience across Europe.

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