Insurance is becoming more digital and competitive by the day

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The insurance industry is evolving. Players, products and pathways to customers are changing all the time. Consequently, remaining relevant and being able to price accurately for risk is not easy. Today’s insurance companies have to be Agile in delivery and innovative in analytics.


Slick front ends need to complement straight-through processing to ensure operational excellence. Similarly, AI and machine learning can improve insurance processes, anticipating customer needs, driving claims decisions and reducing cost.


Luxoft is the leader in systems integration for financial services, working with many of the world’s most important brands. From the deployment of insurtech applications to bespoke engineering and everything in between, we partner insurance clients to help them achieve their full potential as category leaders and recognized innovators.

How we help our clients


New products and growth

Business–optimizing technology enables better business decisions and increased profits


Cost reduction

Deliver in a connected Agile way to maximize performance and reduce cost


Customer centricity

Operations and technology transformations lower costs, holistically, through improved deployment of capital and reduced operations process cost



Provide new products safely for you and your customers

Luxoft Insurance for growth and innovation

Our solutions

Anticipate customer needs


Delivering predictive analytics to drive customer acquisition and retention year-on-year, in addition to upselling products.

Enterprise analytics


Enabling the data scientist in all your employees.

Automating insurance


Using AI to drive underwriting and claims decisions, and improve customer satisfaction.

Delivering modern insurance platforms


Designing your products better and getting them to market quicker.

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Sectors we serve

Retail, including personal lines

Corporate and Specialty




Asset Management

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