Find Your Ideal Data Analytics
Solution and Service Provider

In their efforts to sustain business, survive and grow, business leaders have turned to analytics among other investment priorities. Increasingly, businesses are assessing their decisions and relying on strong scientific and statistical approaches to strategize growth as well as operational initiatives.


The new ISG Provider Lens™ – Analytics – Solutions and Service Partners 2020 – U.S. report will help businesses compare the relative strengths of analytics service providers. See how your data analytics strategy could benefit, and where best to invest in data science and engineering this year.



Enterprises Need a Holistic Data Management Strategy

Although most enterprises already employ data analytics, the ever-increasing data deluge is growing the demand for end-to-end data analytics providers. Adopting a proven scientific and statistical approach can help you:


  • Derive relevant insights and value
  • Maintain one true source of data
  • Tackle growth challenges
  • Ensure effective governance and data management
  • Choose the right cloud and migrate seamlessly
  • Streamline business processes
  • Deliver exceptional customer experiences

Analytics - Solutions and Service Partners Report
from ISG Provider Lens™

Information Services Group (ISG) developed this report to, “give decision-makers a clear overview of strengths and success cases of [analytics] providers to support executive decision-making.” The report identified four key service capabilities dominating the analytics market:

Data Science Services

Methods: Science-based methods, processes, algorithms and systems.
Typical application: Clients seeking consultation and advice.

Data Engineering Services

Methods: Data engineers, data scientists and big data experts create production-ready data.
Typical application: Clients moving their workloads and looking to reduce costs.

Data Infrastructure and Cloud Integration Services

Methods: Integration of technical infrastructure and services in cloud analytics.
Typical application: Clients adopting hybrid IT environments.

Data Lifecycle Management Services

Methods: Data governance systems, policies and procedures for data management.
Typical application: Compliance management, adherence to governance standards and data loss prevention.

Download the report and discover the best analytics partner for you.