Automotive MeetUp in Berlin

Friday, February 9th
Forum Factory
Besselstraße 13-14 · 10969 Berlin


Luxoft invites you on a ride to the past as seen from 2040. Let us give you a glimpse of our vision for the future of automotive that arises from our Berlin software house. Our hosts from Luxoft will speak on a variety of topics pertaining to the constantly evolving industry. On February 9th, let us entertain you, but above all, let us amaze you. Dare to get in?


17.30 -18.30 – Welcome and Museum of the Past
The present is already the past. Drive the future of automotive. Luxoft invites you on a tour of the past through an exhibit of components that belonged to the cars of yore. Afterwards, we will give you a glimpse into the future that Luxoft crafts from our software powehouses.

18.30 – 19.00 – Guest Speaker

19.00 – 19.30 – Olaf Preissner Future Vehicle UX Concepts – Leveraging technology values through design from UX to virtual reality
The way machines are communicating is changing rapidly. New methods like augmented and virtual reality, hand tracking and holograms will shape the future of human-machine interaction (HMI). Because they are giving a more enhanced user experience, the HMI becomes more user friendly, natural and intuitive to operate. This presentation outlines how new technology values are being leveraged through UX design.

19.30 - 19.40 – short break

19.10 – 20. 10 – Michael Dinkel - Agile Way of Working
Mastery of software development and software deliveries has become the foundation of successful projects in automotive. How fast new innovations can be deployed to cars in the field largely depends on the development methodology. Automotive is more and more embracing know-how from other domains and particularly interested in leaving traditional process models. However, automotive requirements don’t make it a straight forward exercise to apply agile methodology successfully. This presentation will give some insight into how we structure large-scale projects, how we deal with the complexity and where this journey might take us.

20.10 – 20.40 – Johan Thelin – Open source on wheels
In the last few years, a seismic shift has taken place in the automotive infotainment industry, going from proprietary solutions to open source platforms and collaboration. In this talk, we discuss some of the key challenges and their technical solutions, but also what lays ahead – how can we learn from automotive and bring open source collaboration to other industries. This talk will take you from electrical engineering to stunning user interfaces packaged in one of the most expensive consumer electronics devices on the market – cars..

20.40 – 22.00 – After party

About the speakers

Johan Thelin works as a system architect at Luxoft. He runs foss-gbg and foss-north and has authored The Foundations of Qt Development, The QML Book and was the Qt Champion of 2016. He has worked almost 20 years with Qt and more than 10 years with embedded Linux. A dedicated Debian user, he still has fond memories of installing his first boxed RedHat 5.1 back in the later 90’s.

Dr. Michael Dinkel is the head of the Digitial Cockpit practice at Luxoft. After some years developing software in automotive projects, Michael did a Ph.D. on Automotive IT architectures at BMW Research before he joined Elektrobit where he headed the global software integration domain. Michael is convinced that agile is more than Scrum and that the automotive industry needs to evolve in order to succeed in the global competition for smart software-enabled solutions.

Olaf Preissner as head of UX Automotive is responsible for all UX and innovation projects at Luxoft across the different locations. His focus is to develop state-of-the-art and process-optimized solutions for advanced Infotainment systems. Since 2012 he has been head of UX design automotive and innovation, responsible for design, ergonomics and development of head unit, instrument cluster and HUD for series production, prototypes, and research and innovations. Previously he was manager design/human factors at Harman Automotive Division, responsible for design, ergonomics and development of consumer products and driver information systems in close collaboration with multinational project teams. He is a diploma graduate engineer (media technology, Audiovisuelle Medien) from the Media University of Stuttgart, Germany.

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