ISG Report

Since the advent of the cloud, application outsourcing has evolved dramatically. From developing new IP by tapping into third party talent to perfecting customer experiences by applying cutting-edge technologies, outsourcing can now prove to be a business’s competitive edge. As firms outsourcing IT applications are now spoilt for choice, catering for specialized needs is fast becoming the norm in ADM services according to ISG’s Provider Lens™ ADM Archetype Report.

The report identifies 31 ADM services providers, and how they address different business needs. Due to the range of ADM services on offer to firms today, and the variety of stakeholders who are responsible for outsourcing application management (from procurement to developers), ISG measures each outsourcer against the value it brings to the business, how it adapts to the market, how an organisation understands its clients and how well a provider can deliver on a global scale and closer to home.

Luxoft was recognized by ISG among the leading providers in the Glocal Talent Archetype (Global + Local) and Enabling Digital Archetype, and also scored 4 out of 5 in Transformation-Oriented Archetype. In the Preface of the report, Luxoft is labelled a ‘provider of choice’ for firms seeking to identify with a Global Archetype but also want to work with an organization with a common culture who understand their business. According to the report, Luxoft is also “in a very strong strategic position” in world of digital business as firms increasingly demand ‘unique software assets to augment their traditional business streams.”

To find out more about the ADM market and who can partner with your business, download the ISG report here.