Building Loyalty Programs with Blockchain


Discover how blockchain loyalty programs can improve customers experiences and get you ahead of your competition!

Join Luxoft’s co-hosted webinar ‘Building Loyalty Programs with Blockchain’ with ISG Research. Learn about the emerging technologies that are igniting change across the entire hotel and airline ecosystem, from traveler’s concerns around traditional loyalty programs, to what type of technology can be applied to create a more effective journey – from booking, to travel, and then back again.

Get ahead of your competition, and learn about:

  • The overarching trends and technology that are reshaping the travel industry

  • How next-generation technology is expanding new solutions and flexibility to its loyalty programs

  • How Blockchain can enable a frictionless platform to secure transactions and payment settlements to all parties involved

  • How customers are currently adopting and implementing blockchain

  • How this technology can bring multiple processes, systems and stakeholders together

  • And much more…

The current speakers list includes:

  • Todd Gehrke, Blockchain Solutions Architect at Luxoft

  • Max Zhdanov, Global Head, Travel and Hospitality at Luxoft

  • Ajay Paul, Director, Travel, Transportation and Hospitality Practice Lead at ISG Research

  • Patrick Corcoran, Global Head, Marketing and Communications at Luxoft

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