Professional IT services and innovation for manufacturing

Today’s global manufacturers operate in a world facing rapid technological changes and the advent of Industry 4.0. To stay ahead, digital transformation along with the implementation of smart factory, smart worker and predictive maintenance solutions point the way forward.

Luxoft offers models such as Innovation-as-a-Service and Modernization-as-a-Service to help manufacturers reap benefits from the latest technologies and approaches.

Industry 4.0: Manufacturing in a Digital World

Luxoft solutions combine the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Cloud and Industrial Internet technologies to assist our clients with Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 innovations.

Industry 4.0 is a way to automate the manufacturing process by programming machines (the input), getting information from the machine sensors (the output), and applying Big Data analytics to verify results and review data. This promotes proactive, data-driven actions and reveals further optimization opportunities.

Our solutions include Streaming Data Platforms, and IoT Data Ingestion and Management to enable the connected enterprise with streaming telemetry and diagnostics. With Luxoft, you can utilize integrated modern visualizations and dashboards to facilitate the flow of both simple and complex information through real-time insights and situation awareness.

Modernization-as-a-Service Approach

Your digital transformation starts with modernization or replacement of legacy solutions. At Luxoft, we know how hard it is to migrate from traditional mainframes and other outdated technologies, especially if Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) aren’t available. We offer our clients a standardized approach called Modernization-as-a-Service – a turnkey solution for converting legacy and outdated applications across your enterprise.

When it comes to building new modern applications, the fastest and easiest way is to use Luxoft’s Innovation-as-a-Service approach. We help mature new product concepts with prototyping to validate assumptions and prove business value before engaging in production development.

Luxoft’s proven methodology facilitates the design of new application prototypes in 8-12 weeks, instead of what typically takes several months. Engagement starts with a workshop with stakeholders to agree on the concept. After that, Luxoft begins to build your high-fidelity prototypes.

Supply Chain Strategy & Management

Supply chain management, connected operations and connected supplier solutions are crucial to achieve business goals and financial benefits for enterprises. These software solutions are intended to optimize the flow of information, materials and funds – enhancing on-time delivery, effective collaboration and optimum design while keeping all stakeholders informed on the status of the entire manufacturing process.

The Extended Enterprise model introduces the concept of a shared distributed environment for efficient co-operation and data distribution. Luxoft is proficient in developing integration solutions and custom software for Extended Enterprises and classic SCM routine automation and optimization, easing the process.

Smart Factory: Work Smarter, Build Faster

The functions and tasks of factory workers are more complex than ever before. Workers need to be in control of automated operations, process status and results, and make key decisions when a machine is not programmed to resolve an issue by itself.

Luxoft helps our clients set up intelligent notifications and alerts to make sure the right information is delivered to the right people at the right time. We also use advanced data modeling and dashboards to help capture exponential value growth.

Additionally, Luxoft integrates consumer wearable technology into the enterprise environment and enables true ‘Smart Worker’ solutions for client businesses. The data is delivered and captured in the most convenient and simple formats to ensure seamless processing.

Luxoft also offers expertise in UI/UX development, designing informative and user-friendly machine interfaces that allow data input pertinent to the entire process.

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