This IDC presentation focuses solely on Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) companies that operate locally as third-party services providers for onshore clients. The presentation addresses the regional offshore/nearshore sourcing activities of local players — CEE vendors maintaining headquarters in the Czech Republic, Russia, Romania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, and so forth — that provide services to clients located in the Americas, Western Europe, Asia, and elsewhere.

The well-attended Telematics Update Munich 2013 conference, held November 11-12, 2013, underscored the tension between the potential value propositions presented by vehicle connectivity and the reality of limited implementation in Europe.

We categorize the service providers in the application testing market across six categories in this research. Sourcing managers should use this guide and the selection criteria to choose the vendor that can meet their organizational objectives.

Through its cooperation with Luxoft and acquisition of Livio, Ford Motor Company is looking to propel its effort to drive adoption of its SmartDeviceLink open source, standardized APIs with competing car makers. With the smartphone connectivity landscape currently a fragmented mess, the time has come for competing OEMs to take a closer look at what Ford has to offer.

Dmitry Loschinin, CEO of Luxoft Holding Inc. (LXFT) team has worked on derivative trading systems for banks and computer-vision navigation that matches a moving image from a camera mounted in a car to locations on a map. For Deutsche Bank AG, Luxoft created software that helps speed decisions on whether to grant a customer a loan.