Offshoring has in recent years been a popular, cost-effective way for UK companies to outsource their IT operations.

Dmitry Loschinin, CEO of Luxoft, provides his insight into how new technology helps companies hold on to increasingly fickle customers.

As customer frustrations grown with call centres -both here and abroad -a new strand of outsourcing is growing which adds value to the service.

Ivan Gavrilyuk, Luxoft CSO, on growing importance of outsourcing security and ways to address it within the company.

How is Europe a different market than the U.S. market when delivering services? What is the most interesting trend you have seen over the last six months in outsourcing? When do virtual, captive, and hybrid solutions make sense? How much consolidation will we see among the leading and secondary outsourcing providers over the next 18 months?

eWeek on Russian outsourcing industry and its advantages. Luxoft, an industry leader, is to emerge as a global player.

Daniel Marovitz, chief technology officer for global banking at Deutsche Bank’s investment banking unit, gives valuable insight into how his company's partnership with Luxoft, the leading Russian software developer, has grown into a powerful part of Deutsche Bank's outsourcing strategy.

Russia is actively forming special economic zones (SEZ). Tax concessions are especially important for high-tech companies in Russia as Luxoft is.

Daniel Marovitz, top executive of German bank, one of LUXOFT's largest clients, shares his views on changing dynamics of offshore outsourcing and lessons learned in a wide-ranging interview with Business Week.