Luxoft and Elektrobit Corp. (EB) announced a jointly developed, Linux-based reference platform for a DLNA-ready in-car media server, and also demonstrated Luxoft's Linux-based DashCore and Android-based DroidBuzz IVI software.

Luxoft will be working together with Harman International on several automotive projects including navigation systems, in-vehicle Internet capabilities, the integration of social networks into the driving experience etc.

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Dmitry Loschinin, president and CEO of Luxoft, tells Jim Banks how to get outsourcing right.

Luxoft said it is working with Harman International to conceive, design and develop automotive infotainment systems.

Luxoft announced that it is working with Harman International to conceive of, design and develop sophisticated infotainment systems for the automotive industry.

Luxoft announced the availability of DroidBUZZ, an Android-based software platform developed specifically for rear-seat entertainment systems.

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