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Blockchain is best known as the foundation for cyptocurrencies, but the distributed ledger technology could be deployed in a vast array of applications, including at government level.

Coutts private bank director Hassan Suffyan has quit to lead the wealth practice of IT consultancy Excelian Luxoft Financial Services (ELFS). Based in Switzerland ELFS employs around 12,900 staff across 42 cities in 21 countries, providing a range of digital services.

Luxoft Holdings is to set up an R&D centre in Berlin with Daimler to develop the software for next generation cars. “This partnership presents an opportunity for progressive, forward thinking software developers to join the mobility revolution and shape how the next generation of drivers interact with cars,” says Luxoft md Alwin Bakkenes.

Most professionals have heard about corporate social responsibility (CSR), but how do you go about marketing it? Truthfully, CSR and marketing go hand in hand. But you cannot just market CSR for the sake of marketing because its purpose is not to score leads. So, what is its purpose, then?

Zug, a city in Switzerland known as the "Crypto Valley," has successfully completed its first test of a local blockchain-based voting system.

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Every good communications professional needs to have benchmarks that measure the success of their communications plan. You must consider what is working with your strategy and how you can strengthen it as you move forward.

The potential for blockchain and cryptocurrency has sent digital assets such as bitcoin skyrocketing, but skepticism from the public and scrutiny from regulators could put a dent in the future value. Vasiliy Suvorov, CTO of Luxoft, explained to Cheddar the key differences of regulations between the U.S. and Europe.

Today’s identity management poses a problem. Highly centralized and siloed, it forces us to create new accounts, provide personal details, and generate login credentials each time we decide to consume services from a different provider. At the same time, we blindly trust each service provider to manage the provided data carefully, hoping hackers will not steal it. This forces companies to become identity and security experts in order to avoid any security breaches, taking on an unnecessary financial burden and deviating funds that could be used elsewhere.