Luxoft Named Among Vendors that have created client-centric programs to facilitate more productive partnerships.

“At Luxoft, we are always trying to stay on track of the latest industry and business developments. We are excited to hear opinions and ideas that will shape the months ahead from the high-powered speakers and people who move the headlines, as ...

Company’s Poland-based Development Center Honored with the Outsourcing Destination of the Year Award

Facing a Major Launch in North America, News360 Selected Luxoft for its Mobile Development Expertise, High-Quality Collaboration Skills & Innovation Capabilities

Honors from FinTech 100 & World Finance Magazine Validate Company’s Proven High-end Software Development Capabilities for the Banking Sector

Luxoft believes in the importance of supporting CEE-SECR 2011, a key initiative for the Russian IT industry in Central and Eastern Europe. Luxoft has historically taken an active role in promoting and supporting Russian IT brands throughout the world...

DMFusion Provides the Critical Foundation Needed to Prevent Power Outages, Flatten Demand & Reduce Costs; Empowers Consumers to Better-Manage Energy Usage

Software Magazine Ranks Luxoft as one of the World’s Largest Software Companies

Uniqueness of Strategy, Competitive Intelligence and Market Growth Position Luxoft as the Leading Global Technology Solutions Provider for the Automotive Sector