Luxoft unlocks Adenza’s unique operational benefits

Following the merger of Calypso and AxiomSL in July 2021, the fully integrated organization now operates under the new name of Adenza.


Together, Luxoft and Adenza provide clients across banking and capital markets with an end-to-end platform for trading, treasury, enterprise risk, plus regulatory reporting and compliance. Clients are enabled to react rapidly and accurately to change via streamlined workflows and value chains.



Luxoft and Adenza —
an added-value partnership

In 2021, Calypso and AxiomSL combined forces to become Adenza.


Now with 60,000 users and $25 trillion of assets under management, Adenza is perfectly placed to build on an enviable track record, creating and capitalizing on a wealth of future opportunities.


Luxoft is a Global Adenza Alliance Partner and a market leader in the implementation, upgrade and support of Calypso and AxiomSL applications.


We have been managing Calypso and AxiomSL projects successfully for more than 9 years, delivering the complete range of integrated solutions and services for developed and emerging financial markets.

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Advisory Services
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  • Subject matter experts
  • Consultancy
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Thought leadership
Project Services
  • Project frameworks
  • Project delivery
  • Implementation
  • Migration
  • Upgrades
  • Development
  • QA
Run Services
  • Managed service
  • Support
  • Nearshore delivery
  • Testing

(including experts highly experienced in managed services — run, change, test)







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covering EMEA, APAC, NA regions

(onshore, nearshore and offshore capabilities)

Calypso Project Simplify

Now your teams can benefit from working with the very latest Calypso developments via more agile, more frequent and less costly software upgrades. Keeping your version of this flexible, mission-critical software updated enables you to make the most of Calypso’s advanced cloud compute power and significant operational benefits.

A simplified way of upgrading Calypso

Change and impact assessment largely automated

Smaller and more frequent upgrades

Automation across the breadth of the development cycle

Custom code – best practice adoption

New functionality adoption

Support for evergreening of the platform

Project accelerators

The more customized your platform, the more complex, time-consuming and resource-heavy the upgrade. But legacy versions and the rocketing cost of ownership are a thing of the past.


Luxoft has developed an accelerator and robust toolkit based on Adenza products to allow faster, cheaper and more efficient upgrades. Once again, you can afford to operate the latest version of your leading-edge Calypso platform at full tilt, with maximum functionality and a minimum of fuss.

The Smart-R reconciliation utility compares data sources across CSV, XML, HTML, PDF as well as database queries. Smart-R allows for a test plan and contrasting results across multiple cycles of execution. Features include behavior-driven development (BDD), reverse engineering of test cases and document generation.


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Message transformation maps message formats from bespoke to Calypso and AxiomSL. The utility allows rules for conditional checks and formatting, plus Java coding before and after transformation. Widely used to fast track the integration of Adenza products with legacy, bespoke and market utilities.

Message transformation

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Portable packages which integrate Adenza products with the client’s version control system, applying continuous integration and delivery. Aligned with the latest platform versions and fully integrated with built-in configuration management tools, these packages are an integral part of our implementation and upgrade projects.

CI/CD pipeline

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Luxoft is using Calypso’s CATT test automation tool to help a large treasury client automate their entire regression test pack. Our extensive understanding of the use of CATT enables us to integrate it with Smart-R to create an end-to-end testing solution.


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Adenza in the cloud

Cloud-based deployments reduce implementation timelines and time-to-market. Whereas it can take months to procure and install new hardware in-house, cloud capacity can be increased in minutes. Cloud enables the rapid development and release of capabilities via mature ITSM and DevOps integrations. Also, new agile ways of working deliver solutions (and compliance) faster.


Migrating Calypso and AxiomSL services to the cloud


Download our Adenza in the cloud brochure and appreciate the speed, accuracy, flexibility, cost-efficiency and safety benefits of a cloud-based Adenza deployment supported by Luxoft.

AxiomSL: Timely and predictable regulatory reporting

AxiomSL, global technology leader in risk analytics, data management and regulatory reporting solutions for financial firms delivers deep industry experience.


Our AxiomSL practice

Risk and reg consultants


Axiom consultants


years average work in AxiomSL


years average of total experience



Consultants with hands on v10 experience



Consultants are certified in AxiomSL v10


Our AxiomSL practice offers deep, global, regulatory coverage across 110+ regulators, 55 jurisdictions, 5000+ regulatory filings. The platform:


Provides intelligent data integrity and a control platform with built-in lineage


Manages cross-jurisdiction complexity


Establishes proactive surveillance of global regulations


Bridges the gap between finance and risk

“Over the years that Luxoft has partnered with Adenza, we have been impressed by the quality of their teams and their ability to deliver swiftly. Their experience in implementing platform changes and upgrades, combined with a willingness to invest in tools and best practices to support Adenza clients, has demonstrated a true commitment to the partnership.”

Philippe Carré, Global Head of Strategic Alliances, Adenza

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