Intelligent automation will revolutionize the way you think about business

Identify. Automate. Accelerate.

In partnership with Appian, Luxoft identifies suitable operational areas for automation, streamlining business processes and empowering the whole organization to perform at the very highest level.



Luxoft uses Appian’s digital platform to engineer high-impact, automation solutions

To remain competitive and comply with business and regulatory standards, consistently, organizations need to standardize and simplify their operational processes.


Invariably, consumers want things “Now!”. So, to retain digital customers, improve the user experience and increase sales, companies need to accelerate the way they work and engage employees more meaningfully.


Appian enables the end-to-end automation of any process without having to resort to custom code. The low-code platform delivers robust business applications 20-times faster, with fewer resources and a lower TCO than traditional methods.


Together, we:



Luxoft goes to great lengths to identify the right business process management (BPM) and robotic process automation (RPA) technologies for individual client situations



Appian’s intelligent automation combines BPM, RPA, AI, process mining, data and integration



Luxoft’s right-shoring approach focuses on ROI and agility to drive technology and implementation services

Luxoft’s automation practice


Senior digital talent with expertise in banking, financial services, insurance, healthcare, CPG, public sector, automotive and utilities


Focus on Agile
development methodology


CoE and accelerators:
We focus on reuse and accelerators from our or customers COE for rapid solution build


Onshore/nearshore delivery capability: Europe, UK, the Americas, Middle East, India and APAC


certified BPM experts


automation consultants

Our Appian services

Kickstart services


  • Process mining and business case creation
  • Production-ready pilot within 90 days
  • Scale quickly using our application development and support services
End-to-end automation


  • Application development
  • End-to-end testing
  • Application support
  • DevOps implementation
Tech advisory


  • Architecture and performance review
  • Appian CoE implementation for reuse and acceleration
  • Implementation of best practices and guidance

Quantifiable benefits

Appian solutions have enabled Luxoft clients to:

Automate email-based manual work — a centralized dashboard and standardized reporting for over 120 daily reports are being used by more than 2000 users a day, for a unified view or reports and approvals with tracked SLAs on each approval process.

Ensure regulatory compliance and provide bespoke customer communications — 40 automated reports used daily by 400 regional/country managers and ops users, globally.

Cut application approval times from weeks to minutes — replace paperwork, data entry and inquiry processes with an automated SLA-based solution.

Automate storage and retrieval of lessons learnt — for 50,000 global users (100,000 capacity). Lessons learnt during the execution of client projects are captured, automatically retrieved and shown while planning future, similar and/or relevant activity.

Manage risk assessments and job safety controls — for a large energy client to minimize operational risks, environmental hazards and on-job incidents. Easy to track if the risk management process was followed on each assignment.

Accelerate management of change process automation — capture and track approval of all deviations from established process and guidelines for execution of tasks and projects. Drastic reduction of paperwork, faster completion and approval of MOC forms, and the tracking of approvals.

Manage and reconcile the chain of custody — of expensive, sensitive inventory by tracking shipment, storage and usage (shift-to-shift) to identify any missing, lost or damaged items faster, and to take corrective action as necessary.

Reduce errors in completion of regulatory paperwork — for the domestic and international shipment of radioactive materials, by removing guesswork from applicable forms. Complete, print and sign only the paperwork required by regulation and business standards. Avoids delays due to missing or incorrect paperwork, and ensures adherence to the regulations.

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