Microsoft Partner Solutions

Together, Microsoft and Luxoft deliver transformative digital solutions that enable our customers to grow with next-generation technologies.


What We Do

Luxoft is a trusted partner for digital transformations that require comprehensive technical knowledge and advanced business strategy. Industry leaders rely on us to design and build custom solutions using Microsoft’s services and tools in IoT, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Azure and other cutting-edge technologies.

Using Microsoft technology...

... we have delivered end-to-end digital engineering solutions in industrial, operational and consumer contexts.

Transportation innovation platforms

Market-ready automotive human-machine interface (HMI) solutions that enable you to shift your focus from the embedded commodity components in the vehicle to customer experience innovation using the Microsoft platform.

Custom social listening tools

Tailor-made technology for turnkey machine learning capabilities using Azure Cognitive Service API.

AI-powered fleet maintenance

An automated maintenance model with data ingestion and structuring for real-time fleet status information and predictive issue alert systems.

Pharmaceutical research process optimization

AI-driven computer vision systems that monitor and report on traditionally burdensome pharmaceutical lab testing processes.

Why We Are Different


Luxoft is a Microsoft certified gold partner in DevOps, Datacenter, Collaboration and Content, Cloud Platform and Application Development.

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Luxoft is a trusted business partner and solutions expert for international companies in finance, automotive, health sciences, transportation, hospitality, retail, media and entertainment. The technology and processes we build our customers enable them to be leaders and innovators in their industries.


Our long history of digital engineering and strategic consulting with Microsoft means we can design and implement complex solutions that move your business past technological roadblocks and on to transformative advantages sooner.

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