Accelerate your time-to-market

The Luxoft and Orchestrade partnership brings a new plan of action for end-to-end implementation and integration services. Based on an as-a-Service delivery strategy, this fresh approach reduces time-to-market and total cost of ownership, while making sure the strategic and transitional needs of each client’s business and technology goals are met.



Why Luxoft and Orchestrade


Global partnership

  • Our Orchestrade practice is growing exponentially, leveraging our global systems integration business.
  • Luxoft’s extensive domain knowledge, product skills and operating models provide practical value to customers

20 years’ vendor management experience

  • Luxoft’s Orchestrade practice specializes in front-to-back trading methodologies, framework, implementation, integration and partnerships
  • Luxoft has an enviable track record for delivering quality software implementation projects that include continuous customer engagement, onsite/offshore resource optimization, clear governance and delivery excellence

Industry-leading delivery services

  • Unique strength and combination of delivery capabilities including: Quality DevOps and cloud practices, exceptional client lifecycle management SMEs, domain-rich RPA capabilities
  • Sophisticated reconciliation tooling with advanced breaks analytics, error tagging, tolerance customization, reporting and dashboarding

Luxoft’s Orchestrade practice combines the right industry experts with two decades of award-winning systems integration capability. Orchestrade delivers at the speed demanded by financial institutions, with a firm focus on the current and future needs of clients.


Ihyeeddine Elfeki, Global Head Trading and Risk Management, Luxoft

At Orchestrade, we believe that choosing the right partners is essential to successful delivery and building long-term client relationships. Our experience of working with Luxoft on engagements including Credit Suisse, combined with the size, strength and proven track record of their vendor application practice, make them an obvious choice for Orchestrade Global Delivery Partner.


Denny Dewnarain, Head of Product Strategy at Orchestrade Financial Systems

Our Orchestrade capabilities

Full life cycle service from our Orchestrade practice

Smoother systems integration and swifter delivery
  • Front-to-back and cross-asset SMEs
  • Industrialized implementation of Orchestrade
  • Market risk, collateral management and cash management expertise
  • Report creation for users, system files and regulation
  • Front-to-back connectivity including CCPs, SEFs and affirmation platforms, and internal systems
  • Process flow documentation and user training
  • Test design and automation
  • State-of-the-art configuration management
Accelerated upgrades and run/change services
  • Co-developed with Orchestrade — the ADAPT methodology, an accelerator that makes implementation faster and simpler
  • Facilitation and validation of new feature definition
  • Minimize rework and maintain continuity with an automated regression-testing framework
  • Ensure front-to-back/E2E processes
  • Configuration and integration changes
  • Data validation
  • Trade migration
  • User support
  • Functional adaptation to grow with your business
Streamlined operations and increased profitability
  • Review the current system alongside contemporary regulatory initiatives and identify the changes required
  • Assist in simplification/consolidation strategy for legacy platforms
  • Best practice Orchestrade implementation with limited or no customization
  • Drive Orchestrade CI/CD framework. Test coverage/automation uplift and implementation strategies
  • Common approach and toolkit, for upgrades and BAU releases
  • Fully functional Orchestrade integrated with client tech ecosystem

Advisory and program management

Advisory and program management

Full execution capability

Full execution capability

Comprehensive range of Orchestrade skills

Comprehensive range of Orchestrade skills

Cloud enablement

Cloud enablement

Transition to as-a-Service

Transition to as-a-Service

Benefits of Orchestrade services

Being a top tier Orchestrade partner gives Luxoft unique access to Orchestrade training and collaboration. This unrivaled position translates into tangible benefits for the client. Here’s a taster:

Access to product roadmap

Our regular partnership meetings and knowledge sharing through the community of practices helps Orchestrade shape their product roadmap, and have early access and visibility features for new versions

Client benefits:
  • Ensure the client has access to the necessary talent and skills across all platforms
  • Provide strong reactivity on major regulatory changes
  • Leverage global knowledge, industry experiences and best practices
Access to product roadmap
Project methodology, test automation, DevOps

As well as our deep functional expertise around Orchestrade, we’ve built a community of practice comprising DevOps SMEs and test automation experts, who are working with Orchestrade to industrialize delivery methods and ensure quality outcomes

Client benefits:
  • Luxoft consultants are already knowledgeable on Orchestrade tools and methods and will be productive for the client from day one
  • Thanks to the efforts of the community of practices and Luxoft’s training catalogue, the consultants are knowledgeable on standard software development tools such as GIT and TeamCity
Project methodology, test automation, DevOps
Center of excellence dedicated to Orchestrade

We are the only vendor, globally, that Orchestrade work with to develop and test their core software. Luxoft are building a center of excellence with Orchestrade to realize the capacity benefits of partnering a capital markets industry leader with
15+ years’ onsite and remote delivery experience

Client benefits:
  • Luxoft have extensive experience of leading and delivering global engagements with all the top
  • Orchestrade can leverage our exposure to multiple clients and help shape best practice functionality in their application. This will ensure the client is drawing on experience across multiple engagements
Center of Excellence dedicated to Orchestrade

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