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Together, DXC Luxoft and Temenos deliver modern, resilient and future-proof banking technology solutions

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Reimagining core banking for the world’s largest banks


Nimble fintechs and neobanks use cloud-native technology to launch differentiated products and attract new customers as fast as possible. In this way, disrupters are able to outstrip many big banks held back by complex legacy technology, including multiple core banking capabilities, disparate systems and product silos.


The incumbent banks are beginning to realize that to maintain market position they need to embark on a digital banking transformation journey.


Together, DXC Luxoft and Temenos are empowering banks to compete with much leaner challengers by adapting business models; adopting a modern, fully hosted core banking solution; and offering differentiated services while minimizing costs and reducing time-to-market.


Combining DXC Luxoft’s extensive cloud hosting, implementation and integration strengths with the power of industry-leading Temenos banking software provides the perfect answer to all manner of cost, competition and regulatory challenges.

Solution overview

Ability to align

Ability to align best-in-class investments and co-innovation with the power of Temenos banking software

Differentiated services

Differentiated services, including consulting, implementation, innovation, operations and hosting

A viable cloud-native, core banking solution

A viable cloud-native, core banking solution

Solution based on the BIAN

Solution based on the BIAN architecture that enables the world’s largest banks

Top-tier professional services

Top-tier professional services

Deep banking expertise

Deep banking expertise

Over 3,000 banks

Over 3,000 banks across the globe — including 41 of the top 50 — rely on Temenos

1.2 billion banking customers

Process both the daily transactions and client interactions of more than 1.2 billion banking customers

Benefits of the joint DXC Luxoft – Temenos offering
  • De-risk digital transformation
  • Gain a faster time-to-market
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Use a fully hosted solution
  • Adopt a modern core banking solution
  • Achieve cost-income ratios of 26.8%, and 29% return on equity
  • Invest in growth and innovation rather than maintenance

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