Mar 14, 2018

Surviving the Regulatory Storm

Join experts Stefan Negrila, Global Head of the Regulatory Practice at Excelian and Archit Mishra, Senior Analyst at Everest Group as they explore the regulatory landscape and discuss how to survive the regulatory storm.

With the advent of increased levels of regulation within the Financial Services sector, firms need to find efficient and cost-effective ways of surviving the storm. In a 2-part series, we will discuss various aspects of the changing regulatory landscape, including:

  • How the regulatory landscape has changed and what you can do to survive these changes
  • Key challenges faced by Financial Services firms today facing unrelenting regulatory demands
  • The common pitfalls faced by firms when ensuring compliance
  • How AI will change the regulatory landscape
  • What digital enablement can bring to Financial Services
Listen to the next podcast in the series here, where we explore the role digital is playing within the regulatory and compliance landscape.

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