Moscow, New York, October 26, 2011 - Luxoft, a leading global provider of advanced application and product development services, today announced that it will serve as a Golden Sponsor and speaker at the 7th annual Central & Eastern European Software Engineering Conference (CEE-SECR 2011). The conference will take place October 31 through November 3 at the Digital October Business Center in Moscow, Russia.

Luxoft will be involved in four presentations during the CEE-SECR 2011. On November 1 from 3:00-3:30pm, Yaroslav Domaratsky, director of Subscriber Equipment Development Division at JSC NIS, will lead the presentation, entitled “Project ERA-GLONASS: Requirements, Project Plan, Results Achieved and Collaboration with Luxoft.” This session will be dedicated to "ERA-GLONASS" system requirements and will outline the main differences between "ERA-GLONASS" and eCall systems. The presentation will touch on the plans for 2011 and the results of collaboration between JSC NIS and Luxoft in developing a complex demo system for a major global automobile operator.

In the second presentation, Konstantin Gurnov, head of Luxoft’s Agile practice, will lead the session titled, “Base Enterprise Agile Toolkit,” taking place on November 2 from 12:00-12:30pm. During the presentation, Gurnov will outline the critical toolkit elements needed for successful group transformation from distributed to Agile delivery methods. Along with the toolkit, Gurnov will present a case study describing Luxoft’s work in leading the transformation of delivery methods for one of the world’s leading investment banks. The presentation will also take a closer look at Luxoft’s proven approach to Agile, which has allowed more than 15 teams spread across four locations to deliver new quality product versions every two weeks. Among the topics covered will be building relationships with the clients, management, and leadership, developing effective teams and promoting education on new skills and tools.

The third presentation “Foundation of technology practice. People, technologies, expertise and movement” will take place on November 1st from 17:30–18:00. Dmitry Sysolyatin, Project Manager at Luxoft will share his experience in forming and a successful technology team using example of Luxoft SharePoint Practice.

Lastly, Grigory Gusev, SEPG Manager for Luxoft’s Aerospace Delivery Center, will lead the session, “Concordant Suite of Process Models” from 11:30-12:00pm on November 3. In this 30-minute talk, Gusev will discuss the need for outsourcing companies to ensure compliance with the various standards and methodologies faced by clients in different markets. One way to do so is by establishing suites of detailed mappings of model requirements to company’s policies, work instructions and templates, resulting in a single set of process documents that can be clearly traced back to critical source process requirements.

Luxoft believes in the importance of supporting CEE-SECR 2011, a key initiative for the Russian IT industry in Central and Eastern Europe. Luxoft has historically taken an active role in promoting and supporting Russian IT brands throughout the world by participating as a sponsor, thought leader and panel moderator in various industry events in Russia, Europe and the US.

“IT events aimed not only at scientific know-how, but also at practical experience, are invaluable for our industry,” says Alexander Leonov, marketing director at Luxoft. “CEE-SECR 2011 is an example of a unique technological platform for experience sharing and the exploration of new technological solutions. We look forward to identifying the trends that will shape the future of software development while learning the opinions of our colleagues and customers in this sphere.”


About Luxoft

Luxoft is an emerging global leader in application and product engineering outsourcing services for enterprise IT organizations and software vendors. Luxoft builds lasting partnerships with its clients, such as Boeing, IBM, Harman, Avaya, Areva, Sabre and other global leaders, based on the culture of engineering excellence, innovation, and deep domain expertise. Luxoft offers global delivery capability through its network of the state-of-the-art delivery centres in North America, Central and Eastern Europe, and Asia. Luxoft`s customers benefit from the right mix of technology skills, industry knowledge, best-of-breed processes and methodologies, and a choice of engagement models.


CEE-SECR ( is the key annual software event in Central and Eastern Europe and is regularly attended by about 1000 participants from local industry: researchers and engineers, developers, opinion leaders, production managers, entrepreneurs, and investors.