New York, NY - March 9, 2011 - Luxoft, a leading global provider of advanced application and product development services, today announced the availability of DroidBUZZ, the world’s first Android-based software platform developed specifically for rear-seat entertainment systems. The new social media-oriented, In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) software platform is based on Android 2.2 Froyo. Featuring rich functionality, DroidBUZZ can be easily customized to fit the particular product requirements, allowing manufacturers of rear-seat entertainment systems to significantly reduce time to market and development costs.

“More and more car owners expect vehicles to have cutting-edge infotainment capabilities, thus creating greater demand for rear-seat entertainment systems that deliver a home theater-like experience. One of the key requirements for such systems is an intuitive and configurable user interface, as children represent a substantial segment that uses the product,” said Michael Minkevich, VP Technology Services, Luxoft. “Our DroidBUZZ software platform takes advantage of all that the popular Android operating system has to offer, helping OEMs to roll out new Android-compatible RSE products faster and more cost-efficiently. Luxoft can further accelerate the product development process by customizing the software platform to OEM’s specific requirements.”

The new DroidBUZZ is a full-scale vehicle software platform that enables multimedia and online connectivity features, along with the support of regular Android applications, to the rear-seat entertainment systems, head units, personal navigation devices and other infotainment systems. Luxoft’s Android-based software platform is compatible with tablets, smartphones and other wireless devices using the popular operating system. DroidBUZZ provides a tablet computer-like experience for car users by allowing them to effortlessly surf the Internet, use social media networks, download content and more.

Optimized for the low-cost high-performance ARM hardware platform, the easy to port DroidBUZZ can work on a wide-variety of MCU modules from different vendors. OEMs can build both autonomous and connected in-car infotainment systems using the Luxoft software platform. In addition, DroidBUZZ supports 3G and LTE connectivity, as well as Bluetooth-based channel to Internet via user’s smartphone, thus enabling a comprehensive set of online services for the car users. For more information or a trial evaluation of the DroidBUZZ software platform, please email us at


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