Excelian is pleased to announce that as the managed service provider for Rabobank’s compute grid infrastructure, we have successfully deployed Logscape as the monitoring platform of choice across the multi-thousand core compute grid to provide greater operational efficiency.

Excelian : Rabobank and Logscape Case Study

Rabobank, a global leader in Food and Agri financing and in sustainability-oriented banking, required a partner who understood both the business and technology underpinning the compute grid to help manage the environment. With Excelian’s understanding of Rabobank’s business and culture coupled with extensive knowledge in High Performance Computing Technology, the Technical Consulting Practice partnered with Rabobank to help manage and enhance the environment. “Rabobank has benefited from the skills, knowledge and expertise of the whole Technical Practice, which helped drive innovation whilst reducing costs for the bank.” says Andre Nedelcoux, Partner and Head of Technical Consulting, Excelian.  As a result, Excelian has helped Rabobank stay abreast of the latest changes in the HPC market and assisted the bank in transforming its technology platform to meet the evolving business landscape at the bank for the last 3 years.

“We realised that the operations team here were spending a significant amount of time and effort resolving issues within the environment” says Richard Munroe, Grid Manager at Rabobank. “Excelian proposed Logscape as the ideal solution which has allowed the team to increase productivity and proactivity in dealing with errors.”

Maarten D’Haese, Head of Local Systems & Services at Rabobank expresses the same positivity around the project. “Excelian were able to draw on experience and exposure to high performance computing and work alongside Rabobank to support and increase efficiency across the grid. Logscape has also helped the bank to be more efficient allowing us to give more time towards investing in things that further the productivity of the platform.”

 Since its deployment across the compute grid environment, Neil Avery, CTO of Logscape says “Logscape is now being used to measure business KPIs, real-time application monitoring, application development and even automation, proving to be a fantastic platform with multiple-usage.”

About Logscape

Logscape is a big-data start-up that specialise in the visualization of machine-data analytics. Our technology is deployed globally with some of the world’s largest international firms. From our London Headquarters we help customers extract value from their data.

For more information visit www.logscape.com

About Rabobank

Rabobank Group is a Netherlands based, international financial services provider operating on the basis of cooperative principles with a predominant focus on providing all finance services in the domestic market. Internationally the Group's focus is on food and agriculture. In line with its cooperative roots, Rabobank Group is a cooperative bank, comprised of independent local Rabobanks, plus their central organisation Rabobank Nederland and its (international) subsidiaries. The organisation has approximately 56,900 employees (fte) worldwide and operates in 41 countries.
Rabobank Group has high credit ratings, awarded by international rating agencies Standard & Poor's, Moody's, Fitch and DBRS. In terms of Tier I capital, the organisation is among the top 30 largest financial institutions in the world.
Internationally, the Rabobank Group operates specialised entities including De Lage Landen (leasing and vendor financing) and Rabo Real Estate Group (real estate management).

For more information about the Rabobank Group go to www.rabobank.com.