LUXOFT, the leading Russian software development service provider is bringing together cutting-edge scientific know-how with an industrial approach to software manufacturing. This combination melded with robust methodology, gives LUXOFT the capability to provide it’s customers with added value and guarantees that the most complex problems will be solved.

LUXOFT’s investment in Research and Development (R&D) will serve as the foundation for innovative software products and solutions.

Russia, with its combination of the world’s best scientists, educational system, innovative ideas, and historical traditions of high-tech research, guarantees LUXOFT’s future growth. Within its R&D initiative LUXOFT has already established a relationship with Russian Academy of Sciences and other well-known scientific organizations.

LUXOFT has established and is leading a Scientific Advisory Board where Russia’s best scientists meet on a regular basis to discuss new directions and propose ideas for future research.

The main areas of LUXOFT research are:

  • Security and Risk Assessment:
    • Visual Simulation solutions (decision verification, situational awareness and training, what-if analysis) utilizing Agent-Based Modeling, evolutionary computing and other AI techniques.
    • Autonomous (Near-Real time) Intrusion detection and prevention technology based on Active Networks, Multi-Agent systems and Automated Machine Learning.
  • Wireless Sensor Networks - Self-organizing and self-healing wireless embedded networking optimized for sensing and control applications. LUXOFT develops applications for Security/Surveillance, First Responders, Machine health and Building Automation.
  • Advanced Testing - Unique Specification-Based Testing methodology and tools for verification of embedded, real-time and mission critical software, as well as compilers.

“While R&D currently is not seen as a typical area of expertise for most offshore software development companies, we strongly believe that our investments will help our customers be innovative and competitive. Through these efforts we are trying to ‘light the way’ and deliver more than just lower development costs”, said Vasily Suvorov, Chief Technical Officer of LUXOFT.

For four consecutive years Russia has enjoyed a stable economic growth. With a significant R&D heritage, one of the world’s best educational systems, and the largest pool of highly qualified software engineers and researchers, the country is the ideal destination for outsourcing of complex software engineering and R&D projects. The country is regarded as a key outsourcing provider by major U.S and European companies, such as Boeing, Intel, Motorola, IBM, Sun Microsystems and many others running and expanding their innovative R&D centers in Russia. The true evidence of the country’s success is in the recent achievement of investment grade status by independent Moody’s Investment Services. Russia is also premiered as one of the world’s 10 most attractive countries for direct foreign investments.

LUXOFT ( is the leading provider of software development and R&D services in Russia and has built a reputation for creative problem solving and for delivery of complex solutions. LUXOFT’s work with multinational IT, manufacturing, energy, financial services, and aerospace companies give the company a solid base of knowledge from which to grow its vertical industry expertise. With offices in Washington, Atlanta, England, Germany, as well as several development centers across Russia and CIS, LUXOFT serves the world’s leading companies, such as Boeing, IBM, Dell, and Deutsche Bank. Luxoft is a member of the IBS Group, Russia’s largest and most successful IT enterprise established in 1992, which now has over 3,000 employees that provide solutions to Russian, European and US customers. Shell, British Petroleum, JP Morgan, Ford, Mars, and the US Department of Energy are some of the major customers noted in the IBS roster.