Luxoft Technology Series (LTS) - a unique, interactive project from one of the ITO sector leaders in Central Eastern Europe will be launched on October 30th. LTS is a series of free webinars with the participation of international IT stars, intended for new technology specialists. Shai Almog will be the guest of the first event in the series. Mr. Almog is CEO and Co-Founder of Codename One, a popular platform that allows Java developers to write mobile applications for all devices.

The aim of the Luxoft’s international educational project is to create an IT knowledge platform, enabling IT professionals across the world to share their experience. On October 30th, a series of free online lectures will be launched and everyone interested in IT is invited to participate. The organizers chose the webinar format to reach as wide an audience as possible. Additionally, all lectures will be available on Luxoft’s Youtube channel.

“Nowadays, online talks are an optimum solution allowing the organizers to reach the largest possible audience. This is showcased by the example of TEDx, the most popular series of webinars in the world. We hope Luxoft Technology Series becomes to the IT industry what TEDx is to the general public. We want it to be the most attractive project of this type dedicated to IT professionals. We will give our participants the opportunity to listen to experts who have acquired a rockstar-status in the IT world,” says Przemysław Berendt, VP Global Marketing, Luxoft.

Shai Almog’s lecture will open the webinar series. Since 1996, he has been specializing in Java. During the launch of Luxoft Technology Series, Mr. Almog will share his expertise on issues including innovative software development for mobile devices.

In his presentation, Mr. Almog will focus on the following topics:

  • Mobile device landscape and history
  • Cross platform vs. native in practice – picking the best approach
  • Understanding the native platforms
  • Cross platform approaches and terms – HTML, Lightweight, Heavyweight, runners, translators and cross compilers
  • Java on today’s devices low level tools: XMLVM, J2ObjC, RoboVM, Avian and Dalvik
  • Cross platform vs. WORA
  • Building a simple application
  • Bits and bytes, how platform abstractions work – what is generated in native terms

Luxoft representatives stress that in the age of dynamic changes in the IT market and with the development of global communication channels, using an international knowledge exchange platform becomes a necessity.

“New technologies are spreading across the market and gaining popularity increasingly quickly. As a result, IT professionals need to constantly develop their knowledge and acquire expertise in new, specialized areas. Luxoft Technology Series is a perfect opportunity to learn from the best and follow the latest trends. The names of our future guest will be released within the next several weeks,” said Przemysław Berendt.

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