Excelian is pleased to announce that it recently completed a successful upgrade of Murex's MX3.1 platform from 3.1.22 to 3.1.29 utilising the new MXplus methodology developed by Murex for binary upgrades.

The client, a German-based bank specialising in long-term financing, required the binary upgrade to implement a number of features and functionality available in 3.1.29 for their Bond migration programme (the migration from Kondor+ to Murex for both trading and processing activities).

Excelian was chosen as the integration partner for the Murex binary upgrade as the client’s internal IT department had limited experience in binary upgrades and was heavily focused on the development and configuration of the system for the bond migration programme.

“Excelian has more than a decade’s experience with Murex and has always been closely involved with the upgrade, development and implementation of its technology,” says James Tilley, Head of European Business Development at Excelian. “Our specialist but relatively small team of Murex consultants was able to use its experience to quickly understand the requirements and deploy the upgrade on-time and within budget.”

Despite the challenge of simultaneously upgrading both software and hardware, as well as managing the interdependencies of the parallel bond migration stream, the project was successfully delivered within the original timeframe. Much of the project acceleration was delivered through upfront services provided by Murex and Excelian’s Smart test automation and reconciliation suite.

“SMART SUITE is our leading-edge test automation platform,” commented Adam Vile, Head of Financial Services, Excelian. “Using the Murex plug-in for SMART allowed us to accelerate the regression testing and provide a future-proof framework for standardised testing of Murex at the bank.”

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