București, 29 July 2013 – Luxoft, a leading provider of software development services and innovative IT solutions to a global client base, is celebrating a five year anniversary of successful operation in Romania. Luxoft Romania, that now is a part of one of the top global groups in providing software development and innovative solutions, has more than 800 employees, 40 ongoing projects for clients on three continents - Europe, Asia and North America.

We grew persistently, we consolidated our business and received world-wide validation of our team’s value. We have enjoyed an increased recognition and support from our clients because of our quality services and solutions that improve efficiency of our clients and positively affect their crucial business outcomes. We have had a great dynamic so far, which enables us to look forward with confidence and anticipate continued expansion of the business and our Luxoft Romania team”, said Bogdan Pelinescu, Managing Director, Luxoft Romania.

Luxoft Romania started in July 2008, by Luxoft acquiring ITC Networks, one of the largest and the oldest software and telecommunications companies in Romania. The Romanian team was able to quickly integrate and become a part of the global business, now with 18 offices in Europe, Asia and North America, nearly 6000 employees, and over 130 clients worldwide. With revenues close to $271.1 million that have been growing every year since the inception, the company has long-standing relationship with such clients as IBM, Boeing, Ford, Harman, Dell, HP, Bosch, Alstom, Deutsche Bank, Citibank, UBS, Avaya etc.

Luxoft Romania brings to the table a solid business reputation and business prowess within the local market and an advantageous geographical positioning that enables direct access to the European markets. All these are enhanced by the expertise and sophistication of the Romanian engineers, fitting perfectly into the CEE engineering profile – creative, hungry for knowledge, driven and thinking outside the box.

Starting five years ago, Luxoft Romania’s team grew, 150 new people joined the company, and in line with the business growth it will continue to develop in the following years.

The key expertise represented within Luxoft Romania today is focused on three key verticals: telecommunications (software development, hardware design, testing, testing automation), automotive (infotainment, hardware design, GPS integration, web and voice connectivity) and financial (developing applications and maintenance, support for production 24/7, enterprise application integration, system architecture consultancy).

About Luxoft

Luxoft is a leading provider of software development services and innovative IT solutions to a global client base consisting primarily of large multinational corporations. Luxoft’s software development services consist of core and mission critical custom software development and support, product engineering and testing, and technology consulting. Luxoft’s solutions are based on its proprietary products and platforms that directly impact its clients’ business outcomes and efficiently deliver continuous innovation. The company’s core resources are located in Central and Eastern Europe, where Luxoft has 14 delivery centers, 18 offices and presence in 12 countries, employing over 6000 people. Luxoft has principal executive office in Zug, Switzerland and is listed on New York Stock Exchange (LXFT US).