Berlin, GERMANY – 5 February, 2018 – Luxoft, a global IT service provider, are hosting a debate on the future of cars with technologists on 9 February at the Forum Factory in Berlin.

Luxoft is inviting UX experts, UX designers, software developers, engineers and programmers to the automotive meetup to brainstorm the future of the industry as augmented reality, VR and machine learning revolutionise automotive technology.

“Berlin is quickly becoming one of Europe’s leading hubs for automotive software development,” said Olaf Preissner, Director of UX at Luxoft Automotive. “The car industry is awake to the fact that cars of the future will be based more on the experience inside the car, rather than the mechanics that make it work. That’s why we’re excited to invite leading software engineers and designers to address the challenges and opportunities this presents for carmakers.”

With changes to concepts of ownership, electrification and self-driving cars disrupting how people interact with their cars, this meetup is designed to enrich how automotive software and technology is developed.

The meetup called “Museum of the Past” will include presentations from three members of the Luxoft automotive team and one guest speaker from a leading car manufacturer. At the event, attendees will engage with a range of issues including, how carmakers and suppliers can improve the experience inside the car and the future of open source collaboration in the industry.

The meetup is at the Forum Factory in Berlin and you can register for the event here.

Luxoft’s Speakers include:

  • Olaf Preissner Future Vehicle UX Concepts – Leveraging technology values through design from UX to virtual reality. Preissner is director of UX Automotive, responsible for all UX and innovation projects at Luxoft.
  • Michael Dinkel – Agile Way of Working – Mastery of software development and software deliveries has become the foundation of successful projects in automotive. Dinkel is director of the Digitial Cockpit practice at Luxoft.
  • Johan Thelin – Open Source on Wheels – In the last few years, a seismic shift has taken place in the automotive infotainment industry, going from proprietary solutions to open source platforms and collaboration. Thelin is a system architect at Luxoft.

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