The iStockTrack Mobile Application Received "Best of Show"

Luxoft, one of the leading IT outsourcing providers in Central and Eastern Europe, was awarded the "Best of Show" prize at this year's London Finovate Europe 2014 Conference. It is the world's most important technological meeting devoted to IT solutions for financial institutions. The company was given the award for the iStockTrack innovative application dedicated to private banking clients. In the opinion of the conference participants, the company's presentation was the most innovative and interesting at this year's Finovate Europe edition.

The "Best of Show" award is given on the basis of votes of the participants at Finovate Europe - there were managers of the following recognised brands of the world of finance and technology present among them including: Barclays, Ernst&Young, IBM, MasterCard and Microsoft, as well as opinion-forming journalists and bloggers. Winners are selected on the basis of a 7-minute presentation showing the practical use of products. The companies at Finovate have to focus on demonstrating the most key advantages of IT solutions from a practical and hands-on perspective, as they may not use ready presentations or video recordings.

This year, Luxoft found itself among prestigious brands and was awarded “Best of Show” by global experts. At Finovate Europe, the company presented a modern solution for tablet banking - iStockTrack.

“This year, during our presentation, we decided to make reference to the company's slogan - "Banking Technology is a Child’s Play". To illustrate it, we invited to our presentation a ten-year old boy who showed that he had no problems with handling our application. Our idea attracted the attention of the audience which could observe the functionality and other advantages of the solution offered by Luxoft with simple examples,” 

says Przemysław Berendt, Luxoft's Global Marketing Vice President, who presented iStockTrack at Finovate Europe.

Guests of the event could see how users of iStockTrack get, by means of a user-friendly interface, simultaneous access to aggregated information about assets, investment portfolio or financial instrument trading, and more. Investors may also exchange financial data with other users and conduct video conversations with financial advisors from the application level.

“Occurrence of such solutions as iStockTrack and their popularity prove that today, technology plays a key role in development of the financial world. Thanks to our application, investors have direct access, from the level of a tablet, to data on assets, as well as current analyses concerning trends on stock exchange markets, as well as other features. The operation rate is one of the most important factors of success in the financial world, since it is often that seconds decide the success of an investor. Functional and convenient software allows one to save time needed to analyse and conduct a transaction,” 

says Yuri Elkin, Managing Director of Luxoft's Financial Services.

Apart from the European edition, three subsequent Finovate Conferences are held each year in San Jose, New York and Singapore. The Conferences are devoted to the most interesting global technological innovations for financial institutions, gathering from several hundred to over 1 thousand participants each year. During all the Conferences organized so far, several hundred financial IT services providers from around the world attended Finovate. The participants familiarize themselves with technological solutions devoted to marketing tools, safety systems, mobile devices or Big Data management, and more.