Munich, Germany November 4, 2010

Luxoft, a leading global provider of advanced application and product development services, today announced that its automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEM) software platform, LUXdash, is now fully GENIVI-ready. The Linux-based LUXdash is a full-function platform combining a virtual instrument cluster with the head unit functionality.

LUXdash supports CAN/OBD2 connectivity, navigation, multimedia, and can serve as a virtual dashboard. Luxoft has implemented a number of adjustments in the platform’s software components, allowing the platform to align with GENIVI Alliance's vision of open source software (OSS) usage in the automotive industry.

“The GENIVI Alliance is leading the joint effort of automakers, suppliers and technology providers to streamline the development and support of in-vehicle infotainment products and services,” said Michael Minkevich, VP Technology Services, Luxoft. “As an active member of GENIVI, Luxoft aligns its automotive product roadmap seamlessly with the Alliance specifications. We believe in standards-based solutions that present a clear win-win for both customers and vendors, and we believe that LUXdash fulfills that need in the market.”

LUXdash is an ergonomic, intuitive, multi-functional device that eliminates the need for disparate devices that can distract a driver’s attention. LUXdash, a “smart dashboard,” can help replace traditional analog car dashboards with LCD screens, which display regular indicators and instruments, as well as mode-specific vehicle information and infotainment controls. The cost-effective solution combines dashboard and infotainment functions into one location and can be integrated into a wide range of cars and motorcycles. It gives the users access to a multitude of functionalities besides the conventional dashboard gauges which include: GPS navigation, infotainment control, car diagnostics and hands-free telephone access.

OEMs can develop their next generation multimedia & infotainment devices, such as multi-mode vehicle dashboards, based on LUXdash, quickly and cost-efficiently, by customizing it and adding functionality. Luxoft professional services can further accelerate the product development process. The software product platform is based on popular Linux operating system, which supports gadget functionality such as mobile office, downloadable applications, widgets, Internet browsing and more, all adopted for in-car use. LUXdash is portable to a wide-variety of ARM and X86-based hardware platforms.

Luxoft is showcasing LUXdash and other innovative solutions for the automotive industry at the 8th annual Telematics Munich 2010 event, November 3rd and 4th, at booth number two. Luxoft’s automotive software unit offers ready-to-implement software product platforms for OEMs and tier-one and two automotive suppliers. The experienced team of engineers can customize its platform according to OEM needs and assists with the product development. For more information on Luxoft’s automotive practices, please visit:


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