M&O's commitment to continual innovation was recently demonstrated by further expansion of its offshore development center, without any loss of jobs in the United States.

M&O's offshore development center now consists of seven employees, five developers, a quality assurance professional and a team manager based in the United States. The team's focus is exclusively on research and development tasks. All client implementation, support and customizations are performed by M&O's New York based, long-term employees.

Approximately a year and a half ago, M&O made the decision to invest in offshore research and development capabilities, through Luxoft, a global software development company with offices in the US, UK and Ukraine. Luxoft's impressive list of clients include world leaders in a wide-array of industries such as Boeing, Citibank, Dell, Deutche Bank, IBM and UBS. Luxoft was a particularly compelling outsourcing vendor for M&O to work with given its high employee retention rates. Since its founding in 2000, Luxoft's employee retention rate has exceeded industry standards.

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