Third Annual National Outsourcing Awards Highlight Excellence in Outsourcing

Montvale, NJ, Sept., 2005 – LUXOFT, Inc., leading software developer and IT services exporter, was named a finalist in the Offshoring Operation of the Year, one of just three global companies to be nominated in this category, part of the Third Annual National Outsourcing Awards (NOA). A not-for-profit trade association, NOA conducts the competition as part of its mission to promote best outsourcing practice and represents the interests of outsourcing users, suppliers and third party support companies.

For LUXOFT, 2005 has been a year of significant milestones. With more than 1,200 employees across five offshore development centers, including a new facility in Kiev, Ukraine, LUXOFT is among Eastern Europe’s largest players in the offshore software development market. (In terms of valuation, LUXOFT generates over 25 percent of the aggregate revenue of the 10 largest Russian software development services exporters.) The company develops long-term relationship with its customer base of some of the best-known global Fortune 500 corporations such as Boeing, Deutsche Bank, IBM, Citibank, and Dell. LUXOFT projects are so successful that 90 percent of its customers sign on for additional projects.

“LUXOFT delivers world-class services, using the latest technologies, and effectively integrates its processes with client environments while meeting the highest quality standards. In fact we were the first company in the world to achieve CMM and CMMI Level 5 quality certifications simultaneously, as well as the first company in Europe to achieve CMMI Level 5,” said Dmitry Loschinin, President and CEO, LUXOFT. “A key factor in our success is our Client Engagement Model, a framework that guides a customer and software development outsourcer to achieve a successful relationship.”

LUXOFT’s flexible framework contains rules, processes, methodologies and other components that, if left undefined, could easily cause trouble during the engagement. LUXOFT Development Centers serve as effective delivery platforms that aligned with client’s environment become a day-to-day “command and control” of the engagement-- from staffing requirements and expertise needs, to definition and tracking of base line metrics and management tools for continuous strategy and delivery improvements.

Effective models also contain special parameters that allow the tailoring of rules, processes, and methodologies to suite each client’s unique requirements. This flexibility becomes a key element in reducing engagement risks. Using its Client Engagement Model, LUXOFT can:
  • Determine the best starting point to address each client’s unique business goals, technical environment, vertical industry and outsourcing strategy and experience level.
  • Provide a clear yet flexible framework to map out and guide how development and project management will work … every step of the way.
  • Call out and avoid the hidden costs of outsourcing from the beginning.
  • Keep a laser focus on the ROO (Return on Outsourcing) goals of each client so things stay on time, on budget and in sync with business and technical targets.
  • Provide a less stressful route to high quality, flexible and industrial-strength offshore developed software and solutions – without the limitations of pre-packaged software or the cost and resource drag of “from scratch” or fully customized solutions.

Another important factor is LUXOFT’s employees. To identify the industry’s best talent pool, the company has developed the most advanced in-house recruitment and training system in Eastern Europe. Additionally, LUXOFT University is a program that selects Russia’s brightest students for industry-tailored internships and conducts and sponsors advanced technical training to ensure the strong career growth of all LUXOFT specialists. Additionally, LUXOFT leverages its close relationships with world leading technical education institutions such as Moscow State University, St. Petersburg University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, University of Dubna, and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. LUXOFT is a continuous sponsor of yearly World Programming Contests. LUXOFT also manages the program initiated by the US Department of Energy where nuclear-physicists formerly involved with the creation of nuclear weapons complete LUXOFT computer skills program designed to retrain them as Java programmers and software testers.

LUXOFT, a global IT company, is Russia’s leading software developer and IT services exporter. The company, which was founded in 2000, has operations in the US, UK and Russia.

Leveraging a unique, proven offshore engagement model, LUXOFT provides a full range of custom software development services for IT solutions on various platforms and technologies. LUXOFT’s software development processes meet the highest quality standards and the company was the first in Europe to achieve Level 5 CMMI quality certification. LUXOFT runs research and offshore development centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Dubna, Omsk and Kiev. LUXOFT enjoys long-term business relationships with clients across IT, Manufacturing, Energy, Aviation, Finance and Government sectors including some of the best-known global Fortune 500 corporations such as Boeing, Deutsche Bank, IBM, Citibank, and Dell. Luxoft also works closely with many mid-size growth companies.

About National Outsourcing Association (NOA)
The NOA is an independent body whose objective is to ensure effective business management through the promotion of best practice, service and innovation in the application and development of outsourcing. The NOA’s role is to lobby UK government, OFCOM and the European Union on matters affecting the collective interests of its members and to deliver information on market developments and lessons learned from business outsourcing.
Members fall into three main categories:
  • Users - UK and overseas companies, which have outsourced (or are about to outsource) significant business infrastructure, such as: IT; telecoms; and processes
  • Suppliers – companies which fulfill outsourcing contracts
  • Support services - legal, recruitment and consultancy service companies which support the industry

The NOA communicates the significant benefits and strategic lessons of outsourcing to a wider audience, through conferences, seminars and publications.